Days 10, 11, 12 – Ghent & Brussels

Day 10 Ghent
Went to the Begijnhof, of which there are more than one. I love the serenity of these places!
Also went to the MIAT design museum. Had to deal with a very officious woman at the entry, but otherwise very interesting although there were no English translations so a lot of guesswork involved. But some great machinery from the textile and printing industries (Ghent having a strong textile industry in the past), and also some great furniture, and displays of Belgian domestic life through the years. Was a bit disappointed in the ‘panorama’ on the top floor, which gave perhaps a 180 degree view.
Then had a couple of beers in the art centre, which is a very cool space and worth a visit.
Ghent is well worth a visit. I think I will always recommend it to people over Bruges, it just has a wow factor I think that Bruges doesn’t.

MIAT Museum, Ghent


Day 11 Ghent to Brussels (56km cycling)
Fairly easy ride, but managed to find some hills in Belgium! It’s been very flat and easy riding up until now, but get’s more hilly as you start to head south east.
Am staying in a campsite in a place called Grimbergen, which is well outside of the city itself, so may look at moving closer tomorrow. But the wifi is excellent!

Day 12 Brussels
Really good day – I stumbled across a free tour of Brussels. It was 3 hours long, and initially I wasn’t very keen on it but very glad I stuck with it. Go on one of these tours if you come to Brussels! The tour leader – an Irish chap called Mick – was very erudite, clever and well versed in his subject matter.
Went for lunch at a nice little Italian place up in the St Catherine’s area.
Also signed up for a beer tasting tour later that evening, and met a great group of people. Beer really does lubricate social intercourse!
Went to catch my bus at Gare du Nord only to find it wasn’t coming for close to an hour, but connected with an English couple who were going to the same campsite, so we all wandered off for a drink whilst waiting.

La Grand Place, Brussels

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