Day 3 & 4 – Bruges


Day 3 – Bruges

The young Dutch women who ‘guided’ me from Dover to the first half hour of Europe turned up last night. I knew they would! Just had that feeling that I’d see them again. I had a card game (Skip Bo) with them, which to everyone’s surprise I won! They were a nice bunch of people, it was good seeing them again.

Day 3 has been about ‘finishing off’ Bruges as planning to leave tomorrow. Went to the Stadhuis, and was particularly keen on seeing the Gotischhaal (gothic hall), which a very impressive vaulted ceiling, walls lined with tapestries and very rich and ornate decoration. This room was very impressive, but sometimes effect of it was reduced, for example by placing very bright and modern looking lights in the middle the vaults.

Also spent some time in the northeast part of town, then some time in ‘De Halve Maan’ (Half Moon) Brewery enjoying a Straffe Hendrijk (Strong Henry) or two. Definitely two, I think. Strong indeed, but very muh enjoying the darker, maltier beers here. I’m a convert, normally I go for lagers/pilseners and IPA’s, particularly the hoppy/fruity one’s coming out of North America. Did some good people watching (which should find it’s way into a ‘full’ story). Then wandered home, and did a good load of writing (while drinking more beer!). My writing was accompanied by a young girl playing the piano in the recreation room very well; she was initially very shy about it but I told her I was happy for her to play. Very lovely!

When I went back to my tent I met two other Dutch women, who invited me to have a drink with them. We were drinking home brew made by the father of one of them, strong stuff. We then wandered back into town for a couple more drinks, and one of them mentioned a gig tomorrow night that I am going to stay for. So another day in Bruges!


Vaulted ceiling in the Gotischhaal, Bruges


Day 4 – Bruges – still!

Fairly quiet day today, milling about town. Feel like I’ve seen most of it now, so hope this gig tonight is a good one (CW Stoneking, a blues musician). I had the worst ever frites for lunch, very disappointing; went back to the bar by the windmills for another of those Westmalle dubbels. So yum! Beautiful day today, so managed to re-take some nice photos that hadn’t looked so great on the cloudy days.

Intriguing old man in recreation room, who loved to play the piano for people. Very loud, very jazzy, very good!

Better freshen up for this gig…



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